MRS Coil Upender

MRS Coil Upender
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Coil Upenders make rotating coil safer, easier and more effective than other methods while preventing damage to your coil. Metal Rollforming Systems builds their upenders with high strength frame and high speed industrial rated motor allowing for quick rotation. This saves time when tipping numerous coils. The advantages for a MRS Coil Upender are:

  • Compact design saves space
  • High speed saves precious time
  • Available in either 6 ton or 10 ton
  • Electrically powered industrial motor with wired remote control
  • Electric safety brake allows stopping in any position
  • 3 phase power, 220 volt or 480 volt
  • Durable powder coated finish provides years of service
  • Coil cradle increases safety and prevents coil from rolling off upender
  • Hand pendant controlled
  • Available either rotating or stationary to allow access to coil from any angle within 180 degrees